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  • Portable Audio Gadget of the Year
    Xiaomi Mi Hi Fi Headphones
  • Consumer Electronic Gadget of the Year
    Panasonic HC-WX970
  • TV of the Year
    Sony KD 79X9000B
  • Camera of the Year
    Sony Alpha 7R M II
  • Portable Computing Product of the Year
    Asus Zenbook UX305
  • Computer Peripheral of the Year
    Epson Inktank L455
  • Smartphone of the Year
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Budget Smartphone of the Year
    Lenovo K3 Note
  • Tech Innovation of the Year
    Google Cardboard
  • Game of the Year
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Wearable Device of the Year
    Fitbit Surge
  • Tech Car of the Year
    Volvo XC90
  • Eye Candy Gadget of the Year
    Apple Macbook 12 inch
  • App of the Year
  • Brand Ambassador of the Year
    Saina Nehwal for Fitbit
  • Best Tech Usage in a Film
  • NDTV Gadget of the Year (Jury’s Choice)
    Fit Bit Surge and DJI Phantom Drone
  • NDTV Gadget of the Year (Viewers’ Choice)

Meet The Winners 2013

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