Award Categories

Following are the award categories for Awards 2017:

1. Audio Product of the Year (Upto Rs. 5 lakhs): Audiophile Nirvana, plain and simple. Gadgets that have surpassed their industry counterparts in how great they make music sound are the ones that have made the cut for this category.

2. Consumer Electronic Product of the Year: This category houses products from across the board: Air purifiers, media streamers, Projectors–class is no bar. Based on how useful they are to a wider focus group (a family, for instance), these ones either make the cut or not.

3. Television of the Year: The TVs inhabiting this category provide the very best viewing experience at their respective price points. With technological innovation packed to the rafters, this category is sctricly, for your viewing pleasure.

4. Camera of the Year: This category is a photographer’s wishlist. It consists of the very best when it comes to capturing photo and video. Cameras from all walks of life and performing all sorts of functions have been considered.

5. Portable Computing Product of the Year: If you can carry it around, and get all your work done, and entertain yourself too, while you’re at it, it’s probably on the list. A portable computing product that changes what you can accomplish while on the move, is what makes it to this category.

6. Tech Peripheral of the Year*: Anything that makes your main gadget easier or more functional is a peripheral, and we’ve put together a list of gadgets that truly enhance the functions of whatever device they may latch on to.

7. Smartphone of the Year (Above Rs. 20,000): Smartphones that have set industry benchmarks and truly changed the game. The innovaters, the flagship-bearers: these are the gadget counterparts to supercars.

8. Smartphone of the Year (Under Rs. 20,000)*: Smartphones that have distrupted the market time and again have made the cut for this category. Essentially, smartphones that pack in the most features at an affordable price, without compromising on quality.

9. NEXA Tech Innovation of the Year: This category deals with every game-changer. If it didn’t reshape how a certain industry was looked at an how it worked, it probably didn’t make this list. These are the ones that went above and beyond.

10. 9APPS App of the Year: The app that rules your phone and your life! Which app was the biggest game changer this year? This is where you vote for your favourite app and win big prizes

11. Gaming App/Game of the Year: Games are integral part of our entertainment, especially since they’ve recently taken over our smartphones too. This category is all about having fun, both at home and on the go, and getting the best graphic experience while you’re at it.

12. Wearable Gadget of the Year: A list of gadgets that have only one home: your body. Fitness bands, smartwatches, smart soles: these gadgets are ornaments with function enough to confuse every old relative you might know.

13. Tech Brand Ambassador of the Year: A face that’s been synonymous with technology: someone who will forever be associated with gadgets.

14. Gadget Eye-Candy of the Year: A category where each product looks like it was born to impress. Regardless of how good or bad a gadget the device may be, it should drop jaws and beget second glances everytime.

15. NEXA Gadget of the Year (Viewers’ Choice): This category is not open to nominations to the manufacturers. The category will be populated from amongst the other entries jointly by the Jury and NDTV edit teams. The final winner will be decided using a public voting on the NDTV Awards website. The voting will start soon.

16. NDTV Gadget of the Year (Jury’s Choice): This category is not open to nominations to the manufacturers. The category will be populated from amongst the Jury nominations and other entries by the NDTV edit team. The Jury will decide the final winner during the Jury meet by voting.

17. Personal Audio Product of the Year*: Headphones, high-resolution audio players, bluetooth speakers. This category takes care of audio products that are best enjoyed either solo or in very small groups.

18. Most Innovative Campaign of the Year*: A campaign that made a gadget or tech brand a household name. Coverage would include digital, print, social media, all-around.

19. Corning® Gorilla® Glass Best Display on a Mobile Device: The most heartbreaking thing about owning a smartphone is waiting for the day its beautiful screen shatters. Corning is one company that works exclusively on minimizing that heartbreak with Corning® Gorilla® Glass. This category honours those mobile devices that put that tough-as-nails glass to best use.

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